readers enjoyed many of our articles focusing on ways to improve fleet operations with ideas to improve fuel management, reduce idling, and explore the use of alternative fuels. These topics appeared throughout our list of the most well-read feature articles of 2013.

As we do each year, we've prepared the list of the top 10 features. You've read many of these, at least initially, in print. Click on the links to read them again. Here they are, in reverse order:

10. Fleet Spend: The Expansion of Fleet Procurement Options

9. Police Vehicles: A Look Back

8. AWD Police Vehicles Gain Traction

7. Exploring the Total Cost of CNG

6. Fuel Management on Any Budget

5. Bright Ideas to Improve Your Fleet

4. 15 Ways to Improve Your In-House Parts Room

3. Shutting Off Idling Engines

2. Female Faces in Fleet

And the top article on was:

1. Boston: Reviving a Faltering Fleet Operation

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