Photo via 92Carpenter29/YouTube.

Photo via 92Carpenter29/YouTube.

Sutphen Corp. is recalling four models of fire trucks from various model years after determining that the extending ladders could unexpectedly retract.

The recall affects 156 fire apparatus, including the SPH 100 from model years 2003-'12, the SP 110 from 2000-'04, the SPI 112 from 2003-'11, and the SAI 110 from 2003-'11, according to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In the affected vehicles, the bearings used for the extension of the ladder may seize, causing the extension cables passing over them to chafe and fail. The failure causes the aerial ladder to unexpectedly retract.

Sutphen has notified the owners, inspected the vehicles, and made repairs at no cost. The recall was completed May 13.