Robin Rehborg, CAFM, was appointed director the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) State Fleet Services on Dec. 1, 2012 following Paul Hansen’s retirement and move to the State of Minnesota fleet.

NDDOT State Fleet Services oversees 3,000 light-duty vehicles and 600 heavy-duty trucks and specialty units, including eight motor pools across the state. It has a total staff of 13 and has a two-year budget of more than $62.6 million.

“Currently we are working on two programs within our fuel management for reporting purposes and checks and balances. My number one goal is to make the State Fleet as efficient as possible with the current changes that are occurring in North Dakota and future changes that are sure to come,” Rehborg said. Rehborg added that NDDOT State Fleet has been in the 100 Best Fleets for three consecutive years, including this year.

Rehborg has been with the NDDOT fleet since 2006, most previously as its light-duty fleet operations manager. Prior to joining the NDDOT, she was the general manager of a propane company and ran the fleet of service vehicles and bobtails.

Karen Baggenstoss, who has been a fleet manager for 10 years at the NDDOT, filled Rehborg’s position as light-duty fleet operations manager.

By Thi Dao