The City of Elmhurst, Ill., selected FleetWave from Chevin Fleet Solutions as its new Web-based fleet management information system following a request for proposal process that received four qualified proposals. The system will be used to support the organization’s strategic fleet management initiatives and help the fleet services team deliver significant cost savings.

The City of Elmhurst previously used an outdated system purchased in 1998 and last updated in 2006 to support its 490 units. The system no longer provided accurate information and City staff recognized the need for updated software to streamline repetitive processes and capture and store complete fleet-related data centrally while supporting remote access for customers.

Once deployed, the FleetWave system will allow the City of Elmhurst’s fleet department to realize greater control over its operations by automating workshop repair and maintenance scheduling; provide improved visibility over inventory, purchasing and warranty management, while streamlining the City’s accident management process. In addition, FleetWave will automatically integrate with the City’s FuelMaster Aim2 fuel management system to ensure this high cost area is effectively tracked and exceptions flagged for management review.

The City of Elmhurst’s Fleet Management Division maintains City equipment as well as Park District equipment as part of a long collaborative relationship for vehicle maintenance.