Fuller Advantage manual transmission.  Photo courtesy of Eaton.

Fuller Advantage manual transmission. Photo courtesy of Eaton.

Fuller Advantage automated transmission.   Photo courtesy of Eaton.

Fuller Advantage automated transmission. Photo courtesy of Eaton.

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton has launched the Fuller Advantage Series of heavy-duty transmissions. New design features include reduced weight and increased efficiency resulting in fuel economy improvements, an improved shift feel, as well as features contributing to lower preventative maintenance costs, according to the company. This new line of 10-speed transmissions is scheduled for commercial production this September.

Fuller Advantage Series transmissions will be available in both manual and automated designs, with the automated versions scheduled for production in the first quarter of 2014.

A new precision lube reduces the oil churn energy losses found in traditional transmissions by nearly 33%. With less heat being generated, the Fuller Advantage Series transmissions do not require a cooler and corresponding lines and fittings. The result is less preventative maintenance is required while engine fans cycle less, further reducing horsepower demand.

The transmissions also achieve significant weight savings – up to 75 pounds– by replacing cast iron with aluminum for the shift bar housing, auxiliary section cover and range cylinder. Exact weight savings are dependent on the make of truck purchased as vendor-supplied cooler weight reductions vary by manufacturer.

The new transmissions also help promote better overall vehicle fuel economy performance due to the efficiency improvements and weight savings. Initial fleet and third party test results show up to 1.9% fuel economy improvement versus comparable transmissions.

Fuller Advantage Series transmission customers also will see maintenance cost reductions. Contributing here is a new oil level sight glass that allows for routine oil checks to be performed at a fraction of the time previously required. In addition, the precision lube system uses only 16 pints of oil, which is nearly half the amount used in similar transmissions.

Additional technical aspects of the Fuller Advantage Series include:

  • Gross Commercial Weight (GCW) ratings up to 80,000 lbs. without an oil cooler and expansion to 110,000 lbs. post product introduction.
  • Torque capacities from 950 (1288Nm) to 1,850 lb./ft. (2508Nm).
  • Standard eight- and six-bolt Power Take-Off (PTO) openings.
  • Optional through-shaft PTO.
  • Ten forward speeds (direct and overdrive) and two reverse.

Initial production will include 17 new manual specifications with ratios ranging from 15.42 to 17.53. All of the new Fuller Advantage Series transmissions come with a standard five-year/750,000-mile warranty for linehaul applications.