The City of Dublin, Ohio’s Fleet Management Department will provide fleet-related services to Washington Township, Ohio, including preventive maintenance, fueling, repair, and upfitting. Previously, Washington Township used area dealers and auto repair businesses for maintenance, which had variable and in some cases higher costs, plus led to downtime for staff that needed fleet vehicles. Government Fleet magazine spoke with Darryl Syler, fleet manager for Dublin, about the agreement and the benefits it will bring.

According to the new agreement, Washington Township will pay Dublin $81 per hour for maintenance during regular business hours, $108 per hour for overtime, and $135 per hour on holidays. Dublin will also bill Washington Township for parts. The City of Dublin currently maintains 257 pieces of rolling stock and 35 off-road equipment assets.

Regarding how this agreement will affect Dublin’s fleet management department’s workload, Syler said it shouldn’t have an impact. Washington Township only plans to send approximately 20 vehicles to Dublin for fleet-related services, bringing the total number of assets Dublin’s technicians must maintain from 297 to 312. Dublin currently has six ASE-certified technicians and isn’t planning to add more, according to Syler.

“We will be able to continue to provide service to all of our city departments without interruption, Syler said. “We have the vehicles added in our FASTER Fleet Management system as their own company, and we will scheduled all of their PMs. At this point, our goal is to provide them a great service and cover our costs. Revenue goes to the general fund.”

By Greg Basich