A roundup of police-related stories and articles that, while they were not the top 10 most read on  Government Fleet's  website, have value to readers.  -  Photo: Canva/Government Fleet

A roundup of police-related stories and articles that, while they were not the top 10 most read on Government Fleet's website, have value to readers.

Photo: Canva/Government Fleet

As we wrap up 2023 here at Government Fleet, we're reflecting on news stories and articles we covered throughout the year.

The following selection of articles and news, while not the top 10 most viewed stories this year, were chosen by the editor based on their value to readers. In no particular order, here are our 10 choices.

1. Michigan State Police Unveils 2024 Model Year Vehicle Testing Results

Every year, the Precision Driving Unit for Michigan State Police conducts tests of vehicles submitted by OEMs, to see if they stand up to what the OEMs say the vehicles can do.

While this did not make the top 10, this can act as a reference guide for agencies looking to see how police vehicles performed in this annual testing.

See how each vehicle performed. The vehicles that topped the charts in acceleration testing might surprise you.

2. The Case for Implementing a Law Enforcement Take-Home Vehicle Program

Take-home vehicle programs can be invaluable for law enforcement agencies for a myriad of reasons, icluding for officer recruitment and retention. I lost count of the number of headlines I read this year about agencies starting a take-home vehicle program in hopes of attracting new officers.

Read why these programs are worth considering. Plus, take note of some practices to avoid with your take-home vehicle fleet management.

3. Police Fleet Royalty: Ford’s Crown Victoria Wins 'Best Cop Car of All Time'

In September 2023, fleet vehicle wholesale buyer and seller Haloid Fleet named the Ford Crown Victoria the "Best Cop Car of All Time." In the nearly two decades the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor was produced, it was one of the most popular vehicle choices for law enforcement agencies.

Confession: I chose to include this article because it was honestly just fun to write. As a child of the 90s, I vividly remember seeing the flashing blue and red lights atop Ford Crown Vics patrolling our nation's roadways. I enjoyed learning about the history behind the iconic vehicle and seeing photos of it as it evolved over the years.

Read why the Crown Vic received this honor.

4. Best Practices for Protecting K-9s in Police Cars

When it comes to caring for police K-9s, it takes a village. The responsiblity not only falls on the officer handler, it also falls somewhat on the fleet manager.

Read how you as the fleet manager can protect these crucial law enforcement tools (a.k.a. man's best friend).

5. Cleaner Police Patrols: Law Enforcement Fleets Add ZEVs

Law enforcement fleets and public sector fleets alike are under enormous pressure to slash emissions when possible. While police fleets are typically exempt from electrification orders due to a lack of vehicle options in the industry, there are agencies that are retrofitting ZEVs to work for them. This is a good roundup of how agencies are doing that.

Read about several agencies' greenhouse gas emissions reductions efforts.

6. Eyes in the Sky: Police Drone News Roundup

The use of drones by law enforcement agencies is still somewhat new; many state and local governments are still determining how to best regulate them. This roundup of police drone stories gives readers a look at how agencies across the country are using them and regulating them.

Read about ways law enforcement agencies are getting creative in their use of drones, plus ways they're paying off for agencies.

7. Florida PD Hopes New Vehicles will Improve Officer Retention

Agencies across the country are dealing with officer shortages, and they are looking for ways to both attract new officers and retain those they already have.

Read about one police department that purchased new vehicles in hopes it would help with retention.

8. Using Bicycle Patrols to Connect Officers to Their Communities

Law enforcement vehicles can sometimes create silos for officers, keeping them from being able to engage in their communities. Bicycle patrols are a unique way to combat that.

Read about ways bicycle patrols can lead to deeper police-citizen connections, cost savings, and more efficient incident response.

9. Kentucky PD Designs SRO Vehicles to Match Schools

The simple act of updating the decals on your school resource officer vehicles can have a profound impact on your local community. For the Madisonville Police Department, it came down to a desire to make officers more easily identifiable and relatable for the students they protect.

Take a look at the new school-specific SRO vehicles keeping schools safe in one Kentucky town.

10. Driving Success: The Critical Role of Vehicle Education for Law Enforcement Officers

Police cars act as a mobile office, with many officers spending more time in their patrol vehicles than they do in their own personal vehicle. Educating them on ways to best care for their vehicles can not only lead to a better maintained fleet, it can also help you retain the resale value on the vehicles.

Read about one law enforcement agency's vehicle curriculum for its troopers.

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