DCAS Police Electric Ford Mach E charging at a fast charger outside the Municipal Building in Manhattan.  -  Photo: NYC DCAS

DCAS Police Electric Ford Mach E charging at a fast charger outside the Municipal Building in Manhattan.


NYC's electric vehicle (EV) fleet is expanding, with more than 4,600 EVs already on the road and projected to exceed 5,000 later this year. In July 2023, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) surpassed 200 EV fast chargers, with 207 now operational across 12 city agencies.

DCAS Fast Chargers at the Heart of the EV Revolution

Various city agencies, including Children's Services, Environmental Protection, Transportation, and more, are operating the fast chargers provided by DCAS. These fast chargers, introduced in 2019, gained momentum, with the completion of the 100th charger in November 2021. The agency has set a long-term goal to install up to 1,776 fast chargers by 2030, most of which will power NYC's fleet vehicles.

Comprehensive Charging Network Citywide

Not only limited to fast chargers, DCAS and the Department of Transportation (DOT) jointly operate 1,718 electric charging ports throughout the city. These include fast, solar, curbside, portable, and overnight (level 2) chargers with 372 ports added in the first half of 2023 and hundreds more planned for installation within the year.

Seeking Quicker Charging Solutions

While the current 50 KW fast chargers can charge a vehicle battery from 20% to 80% in an hour or less, there is a drive to enhance charging speed further. This involves exploring new charger types, such as portable chargers and battery storage-powered chargers, to enhance resilience and emergency preparedness.

Partnerships to Accelerate Progress

In pursuit of its goals, DCAS has partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to enhance its efforts. The agency welcomed Courtney Schneider, an EDF fellow and researcher, for a summer fellowship in 2022, to focus on developing specifications for faster fast chargers ranging from 125KW to 250KW. These chargers are designed to reduce charging times, bringing them closer to the speed of gas station refueling. Currently, DCAS is working on the bidding process for this crucial project.

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