Raleigh, North Carolina, will use GoGreen's idle reduction program in its city.

Raleigh, North Carolina, will use GoGreen's idle reduction program in its city. 

Photo: GoGreen/Government Fleet

The fleet operators in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina have partnered with GoGreen Communications to launch an idle reduction pilot program.

The city’s Vehicle Fleet Services will manage the pilot program across multiple departments in the city.

GoGreen’s program is designed to help fleets cut costs by using habit-changing psychology to alter driver idling beliefs and behavior.

Idling is when a vehicle’s engine is running, but the vehicle doesn’t change position.

According to the Department of Energy, idling for more than 10 seconds produces more emissions that contribute to smog and climate change than stopping and restarting an engine does.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases in North Carolina

Raleigh aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from 2007 levels by 2050 with its Climate Action Plan.

Partnering with GoGreen is a step in that direction because GoGreen’s idol reduction program claims to improve fleet efficiencies by reducing driver idling behavior.

“Based on our experience, when city employees understand how fossil-fueled vehicles have changed and they can readily save 200 to 300 engine hours idling annually in their personal vehicles, engagement and workforce transformation really begins,” states Ron Zima, CEO of GoGreen Communications in a press release.

GoGreen also said the program’s main goal is to positively influence the first 50% of employees who will readily embrace the message and the ‘why’ of the program.

After that, the campaign will gain momentum and enable a continuously managed process across the organization. 

“Our IDLE FREE Manager Predictive Analytics helps achieve a positive feedback loop, enabling the organization to build, manage and promote an idle reduction fleet culture,” says Zima.

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