Cobb County fuels its light-duty vehicles with NeuFuel from Ingevity.

Cobb County fuels its light-duty vehicles with NeuFuel from Ingevity. 

Photo: Ingevity/Government Fleet

Cobb County in Georgia has partnered with Ingevity to provide NueFuel for its fleet.

Ingevity’s NeuFuel vehicle system is designed to help fleets achieve their sustainability goals by delivering renewable natural gas to their fleets.

According to Ingevity, NeuFuel tanks have activated carbon that condenses natural gas into a liquid at the molecular level, densifying it and allowing the system to operate at a lower pressure compared to higher-pressure compressed natural gas.

Ingevity is working with OEMs to adapt trucks to NeuFuel technology, and currently, NeuFuel is compatible with:

  • Ford F-250 / F-350
  • Ford Transit
  • Ford F-150

Bringing Renewable Natural Gas to Cobb County

Al Curtis, fleet director of Cobb County manages over 2,500 pieces of equipment from light to heavy duty.

The county has experience in using alternative fuels for different departments in its fleets. And recently, Curtis volunteered his department to be the poster child for Ingevity’s NeuFuel vehicle system.

“The beauty of it is you’re driving a regular vehicle, but just using a new and different fuel,” Curtis said in an Ingevity press release video.

So far, the partnership has been a success. Curtis says it was easy to implement, the county is saving money on fuel, and it is more environmentally responsible.

Curtis adds the biggest benefit of partnering with Ingevity was the “ease of the deployment and using carbon neutral renewable natural gas as a fuel source.”

Not only that, Curtis also recommends NeuFuel to fleets that are in the market for an environmentally responsible fuel. “If you are looking for a cost-effective, easy implementation, and sustainable fuel source, the Neufuel platform checks all of the boxes,” Curtis concludes.

To watch a video of Cobb County integrating NeuFuel into its fleet, click the play button below.


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