Phoenix Details its Fleet Electrification Plans

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The City of Phoenix has published a draft of its roadmap to electrification, focusing on how the city will prepare for 280,000 electric vehicles (EVs) in the city by 2030. That total is of all EVs in the city and is based on state and national forecasts. Part of the plan, however, includes leading by example with the city fleet — this includes a recommendation to purchase 200 light-duty EVs for the fleet by 2030, evaluate the performance of newly introduced medium- and heavy-duty EVs for the city fleet, and install charging infrastructure for its 200 planned EVs.

The plan details steps the city will take to achieve its goals.

For its light-duty EV deployment plan, the report recommends the city develop criteria for replacing its internal combustion engines (ICEs) with EVs, identify a funding plan for vehicle purchases, and train vehicle operators and fleet technicians on proper vehicle operation and maintenance, among other steps. These will be completed this year.

For medium- and heavy-duty EVs, the report recommends the city pilot new models in 2023 to evaluate performance. It will also develop criteria for replacing ICE vehicles with EVs or other zero-emission vehicle by 2024.

For charging infrastructure, the report recommends the city evaluate its infrastructure and power needs this year, install 30 or more fleet charging ports in 2023, 70 or more by 2025, and 100 more by 2030.

The Electric Vehicle Ad Hoc Subcommittee submitted the report to city council on April 12; it is seeking input from the council as well as the public and stakeholders. The committee plans to make final recommendations in June.

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