Fleet Group Editor Chris Brown sits down with San Joaquin County Fleet Manager Kevin Myose about how they are actively working to electrify their fleet while staying within budget. 

Conversation Topics

  • Upcoming green fleet mandate deadlines, including 2034.
  • How to utilize grant money for fleet electrification.
  • What the future looks like for budget planning.


  • 0:00 Introduction and Episode Overview
  • 1:02 The San Joaquin County Fleet and Kevin’s Role
  • 2:45 Green Fleet Mandates and Budgets
  • 4:32 The Challenge of Fleet Electrification by 2034
  • 6:37 How Much of the Premium Does Grant Money Cover?
  • 10:26 What the Future Looks Like for Budget Planning
  • 13:04 The Big Question Mark About the 2034 Mandate
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