Robert Stine, CPFP, CAFM, director of the Fleet Management Department for Hillsborough County,...

Robert Stine, CPFP, CAFM, director of the Fleet Management Department for Hillsborough County, Florida, seen here with Tony Gratson of Ford Motor Company (right) was named the 2021 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year.

Photo: Lexi Tucker

Hillsborough County, Florida, was named the No. 1 fleet among the Leading Fleets at the Government Fleet Expo and Conference (GFX) on November 16.

The operation was chosen the overall No. 1 fleet for showing leadership with staff, with customers and within the community; staying efficient and competitive; overcoming challenges; and having a vision and direction for the operation.

"I spent three decades in the Air Force and I always remember telling pilots and the leadership it's the folks on the ground that are making you look good and enabling you to do your job. Now, it's the same thing I tell commissioners and the county administrator. It's the folks that are turning wrenches and doing direct labor that is the point of sale to the customers that make the organization work," said Robert Stine Jr., CPFP, CAFM, Director, Fleet Management Department.

Tony Gratson from Ford, the award sponsor, presented the award. Judge Tracy Ochsner was also present to congratulate the winner.

Government Fleet also named the No. 1 fleets in size categories — the No. 1 small fleet (499 or fewer assets) is the Dakota County, Minnesota, with approximately 400 vehicles, and the No. 1 mid-size fleet (500-999 assets) is the City of Greenville, South Carolina, with about 800 units. Hillsborough County is also the No. 1 large fleet (1,000 or more assets), with 3,300 vehicles.

Staff also announced the top 20 ranked fleets and recognized the remaining Leading Fleets and Notable Fleets.

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