Which articles made our annual top 10 list of most engaging, educational pieces?

Which articles made our annual top 10 list of most engaging, educational pieces?

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2020 was certainly an intense year for all. As Government Fleet sorted through the most read stories of the year, it became apparent that, as an essential industry, fleet departments across the country never stopped keeping vehicles ready to roll. Managers continued to rely on Government Fleet as the resource to further their knowledge by reading articles that provided vital information to get them through this difficult time.

Police fleet-related articles took three of the top 10 spots, and diesel also seemed to remain a topic of interest. Safety never goes out of style, as evidenced by a few selections that made the list.

  1. Gas vs. Diesel: The Bad Investment Only Fleet Managers Know About: Has the tide turned in favor of the diesel engine, or does emotion, chutzpah, and the virile attraction of “more power” still drive the diesel decision? 
  2. Police Interceptor Utility vs. Ford Explorer​: A close look at the two vehicles reveals differences in five categories that provide the P.I. Utility with its law enforcement DNA, including safety, durability, performance, its purpose-built interior, and upfit-­friendly features.
  3. What You Need to Know About Renewable Diesel: To really understand renewable diesel, it’s helpful to back up and understand the difference between it and its predecessors, petroleum diesel and biodiesel.
  4. How to Implement a Fleet Preventive Maintenance Program: Preventive maintenance is as important as driver safety programs. If a vehicle becomes unsafe due to lack of maintenance or repair, the fleet manager can be held liable for negligent entrustment. Here are some tips on how to improve your program.
  5. 10 Things Drivers Should Do in Case of an Accident: Following these steps will help drivers get through the immediate aftermath of a crash while helping cover their companies’ administrative and legal concerns.
  6. Open vs. Closed End Leasing: Which Is Right for You?: In an open-end lease, the lessee assumes the depreciation risk but has more flexible terms. In a closed-end lease, the lessor assumes the depreciation risk but the terms are more restrictive. Find out which choice will work best for your fleet.
  7. What You Need to Know When Buying a Police Motorcycle: Choosing the right model can be a challenge, and the right model may vary from year to year. Government Fleet looked at the latest offerings from motorcycle OEMs and spoke to a dealer about what fleets should look for.
  8. How to Maintain Stored Diesel Fuel: From fuel microbes to water contamination, here are the problems in storing diesel fuel and how to prevent (or solve) them.
  9. What Happens When Your CNG Tanks Expire?: While the benefits of CNG vehicles are well documented, one issue looms over the industry that must be addressed: What happens when a dedicated CNG vehicle fuel tank reaches its expiration date?
  10. Designing Police Vehicles: It's Not Just ‘Black & White': Over the years, police and sheriffs' departments and state police agencies have broadened preferred color schemes to include a variety of colors beyond the customary black and white look and feel. However, in recent years, many agencies returned to a more traditional black and white look for a variety of reasons.
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