Sweet Home City Council members decided Tuesday, June 9, to contract with Enterprise to manage...

Sweet Home City Council members decided Tuesday, June 9, to contract with Enterprise to manage its vehicle fleet.

The City Council of Sweet Home, Ore., made a motion June 9 to accept a fleet management contract with Enterprise, according to council meeting documents. The New Era confirms members approved the motion. 

Sweet Home's Public Works department has the largest fleet in the city, from construction assets to work trucks for all aspects of their operations. The Police Department has a fleet of approximately 10 vehicles, and City Hall has two vehicles for use by City Hall staff for trainings and meetings.

Over the past three fiscal years, the city has purchased 12 vehicles to replace aged ones. Prior to these purchases, Public Works’ newest vehicle was 11 years old. With this new agreement, Enterprise Fleet Management would handle the administration of the city’s fleet in collaboration with city staff to determine the most appropriate buying and selling points to maximize the return on city resources for procured vehicles. Each year, Enterprise would meet with city staff to review its current fleet and the potential resale value of the vehicles along with the costs associated with replacing those vehicles.

“When we sell and resell, we get maximum dollars, fewer lost work days, maximum return on investment. Our fleet is always up to date," City Manager Ray Towry told The New Era.

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