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Colonial Pipeline Expected Back Online by Saturday

The Colonial Pipeline Co. hopes to bring a significant gasoline supply line back online by Saturday, less than a week after a blast that could reduce gasoline supply to the Southeast and Northeast, Reuters has reported.

Work Injury Leads to Fleet Employee Death

A City of Long Beach, Calif., fleet employee died on Sept. 5 following an accident at work. Stevaughn Matthews, garage services attendant, was working on a trailer at the time of the accident.

Ergonomics is Often the ‘Missing Link’ in Equipment Specifications

Under OSHA regulations, an employer must provide a workplace (which includes work vehicles) free from recognized hazards. Workers' Comp claims resulting from use of inappropriately spec'ed add-on equipment is on the rise. Poor equipment spec'ing can result in expensive litigation. Ergonomics is also an accident avoidance issue. Poor ergonomics reduces driver comfort, increasing fatigue, a key contributor to preventable accidents.

Spec Equipment to Reduce Workers’ Comp Claims

Poor spec'ing decisions can result in expensive workers' compensation litigation. The average workers' comp cost for a pushing/pulling injury is $10,175, while the average cost for a lifting/bending incident is $8,989. Under OSHA regs, an employer must provide a workplace (which includes work vehicles and equipment) free from recognized hazards.