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Customer Service

How Are Your Customer Interactions?

A positive motor pool experience means fleets are providing a streamlined experience for their customers.

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Balancing Customer Service & Fleet Goals

Unhappy customers can look for service elsewhere, but sometimes giving customers what they want can lead to poor fleet management.

10 Tips for a Successful Open House

A fleet open house is a great public relations tool not just with the public, but also with user departments. Here's how to make sure your open house is successful.

8 Ways to Save Time in the Office

Better time management and job organization can help fleet managers work more effectively, which may get them home on time.

Dealing With Objections to New Policies

If there is pushback to new policies that fleet implements, how do you convince customers they’re not always right?

Fleet Is Not an Island Unto Itself

A successful fleet operation is not an island unto itself. Yet, this is how some fleet managers view their operation – an island surrounded by a sea of unreasonable user groups. We will all agree this is the wrong mindset and that fleet operations must be closely aligned with user departments. However, the reality is that interdepartmental friction is an unfortunate fact of life, especially territorial issues that result in emotional defiance not open to discussion or compromise.

Guest Editorial: How to Be a Top Public Sector Fleet Manager

Each year, Government Fleet magazine conducts a competition for the Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year. In reading this year's applications, As a judge, Steve Kibler found a wealth of information regarding best practices that should be shared with every fleet manager.

Root Cause Analysis of Fleet’s Friction With User Departments

A best-in-class fleet operation has excellent interdepartmental relationships. However, this is getting harder to achieve in today’s fiscally constrained environment. Even in the best of times, interdepartmental friction is an unfortunate fact of life, but as a professional fleet manager, your job is to minimize it. Today, every department is looking to stretch scarce budget dollars, and this sometimes occurs at the expense of other departments with whom they interact.

Maintaining Fleet Service Levels in a Shrinking Budget Environment

How does a public sector fleet organization balance the mandates of severe budget cuts with maintaining viable, responsive, and professional services? Oregon's state fleet looks to new approaches, analysis, and relationships.

How to Write & Analyze a Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer satisfaction survey can allow a fleet management team to improve problem areas and establish benchmarks for customer service. Do some research before starting.