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How Reagan Earned the Fleet Manager of the Year Award

Comparing key metrics with other fleets helped Kelly Reagan, fleet administrator for the City of Columbus, Ohio, win the Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year Award.

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10 Factors Affecting Fleet Availability Benchmarks

If your benchmark numbers for fleet availability don’t seem quite right, consider the following 10 often-overlooked factors that may affect those numbers. While they may seem insignificant, their combined effects can have a dramatic impact on your overall stats.

Northwest Utilities Band Together for Benchmarking Initiative

The Pacific Northwest Utility Fleet Managers Association is open to both public and private fleets. The Association's biggest project is a benchmarking study that will allow members to effectively compare their operations.

Fleet Management by Objective: The Goal of Continuous Improvement

Exemplary fleet managers rise above the level of simply managing day-to-day work and are goal-oriented in all aspects of fleet management. They practice strategic fleet management, which stresses the importance of achieving objectives and the use of metrics to benchmark progress. Metrics analyses will identify inefficiencies and allow you to focus on these specific areas. Whether or not your initiatives are successful in rectifying these inefficiencies will be borne out in subsequent metrics.

Overtime: A Cost-Effective Solution to Improve In-House Productivity

If heavy workloads exceed a typical eight-hour workday, offer your employees overtime rather than hire a new person. It may be more cost-effective.