SACRAMENTO, CA – The State of California Department of General Services (DGS) on Dec. 26 issued a memo (MM12-08) providing Fleet Card Program policies and procedures that must be implemented by all State departments that participate in the State Fleet Card Program. The purpose is to prevent abusive fleet card practices.

The memo mandates that all affected state departments must implement the oversight procedures specified in the Sate Fleet Card Oversight Usage and Responsibilities document by June 30, 2013. It states that departments must:

  • Designate a fleet card coordinator to manage the fleet card program, including reviewing exception reports on an ongoing basis.
  • Designate a separate fleet card liaison to process the ordering and cancelling of fleet cards.
  • Ensure separation of duties in the mangemnet of the Fleet Card Program to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Develop a Fleet Card Program Procedures Manual.
  • Ensure all individuals with a State Fleet Card sign a Fleet Card User Agreement.
  • Submit an Annual Certification Form

Aside from the mandates for more oversight, fleet card use policy remains largely the same as in the past. Current policy states that users can use the card to purchase fuel at retail locations and for emergency roadside assistance though the National Automobile Club. User can also purchase emergency items such as wiper blades and tires in accordance with the department’s policies. The policy prohibits the purchase of mid-grade or premium unleaded gasoline unless required by the vehicle manufacturer. It also prohibits use for personal vehicles or to purchase food or personal items.

The State contracts with US Bank Voyager Fleet Systems for its fleet cards.