KINGMAN, AZ – Mohave County has auctioned 83 vehicles and 13 pallets, bringing in $273,337.84. The County began the auction on Tuesday, Oct. 23, and it ran for a week. The Public Group ran the online auction service for the County.

The City’s Procurement Department Manager Annie Newton-Fruhwirth stated the County sent out a news release and posted an announcement for the auction on its website, which she said helped make it a success. She said the County had a number of out-of-state bidders and more bids placed per item than in years past.

The County stated that all funds collected from the auction will go to the departments that sold the vehicles and equipment with a majority of the funds ($141,956.83) going to the County’s vehicle replacement fund. According to the County, the vehicles had served their full use with the County, with non-law enforcement vehicles being under warranty for six years of service or 120,000 miles.

“The auction is a product of Mohave County’s best practice Vehicle Management Plan,” Public Works Director Steve Latoski said. “The auction’s success is attributed to the expertise and teamwork among Procurement Department staff led by Annie Newton-Fruhwirth and Public Works - Equipment and Fleet Division staff led by Randy Janssen, which provided interested bidders with clear information and access to equipment and vehicles enabling them to complete their due diligence and bid accordingly.”