MOLINE, IL – The White House identified the City of Moline, Ill., as a sustainable community, inviting its mayor and city administrator to the White House Forum on Sustainable Communities. The City’s green fleet efforts have largely contributed to this recognition.

According to J.D. Schulte, fleet manager for the City, Moline’s recent green fleet accomplishments include the addition of 12 hybrid vehicles and one all-electric vehicle to the fleet in the past 24 months, and use of E-85 in 54 flex-fuel vehicles and B-20 soy biodiesel in all diesel trucks and equipment.

Additionally, “green” practices in the shop further increase sustainability. These include a strong stance on recycling, reclaiming or recycling fluids and oils, installing motion sensors for lighting in areas of intermittent occupancy, natural lighting where possible, and a water-conserving, drive-through vehicle wash with sensors for vehicle height and length to minimize unnecessary water spray.

“The City Administrator will be sharing … all of our Fleet initiatives to highlight our endeavors as a model for other communities to follow,” Schulte said.

In 2012, the fleet will be examining opportunities to reduce the use of aerosol cleaning products, exploring alternatives to oil-dry spill containment methods, and further reducing the waste of paper towels.