ALBANY, NY – New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the State awarded $1.9 million to the City of Rochester, the New York Port Authority, and the New York Power Authority to install electric vehicle charging stations.

This funding comes out of a total pool of $4.4 million that New York is allocating to 10 companies, municipalities, and other entities in the state. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)'s Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Demonstration Program and the U.S. Department of Energy are supporting this effort to install the charging stations.

The New York Port Authority plans to install seven experimental charging stations for fleet vehicles and public use that practice demand-response. “Demand response” in this case means aligning charging times with times of low power demands in order to reduce charging cost and impact during peak demand to the grid. The Power Authority received $720,000 in funding.

The City of Rochester plans to install 24 charging stations at seven locations around the city, including municipal parking garages, the Rochester City Hall, the Port of Rochester, and the Rochester Public Market. Funding from NYSERDA totals $228,000.

The New York Power Authority is the last of the three public-sector organizations that received funding, in this case $989,000 from NYSERDA. The organization plans to install 124 charging stations at train and bus stations, airports, and municipal parking lots. In addition, three locations would be powered in part through on-site solar power.

NYSERDA added that a round of the program is currently underway with proposals due July 25, 2012. Visit NYSERDA’s site here for more information.