DAYTON, OH – The City of Dayton, Ohio, has decided to purchase a GPS tracking system for its fleet. The City’s commission voted to spend $286,000, between 2012 and 2014, on a system from Radio Satellite Integrators (RSI). Those funds will cover the devices and system for 208 City-owned vehicles.

The City stated that out of the five proposals received, City management selected RSI based on the company’s experience working with municipal clients.

The departments receiving GPS for their vehicles include Water Distribution (54 vehicles), Sewer Maintenance (52 vehicles), Waste Collection (46 vehicles), and Street Maintenance (56 vehicles). The devices will transmit vehicle data wirelessly in real time. In addition, the overall platform is compatible with the City’s ESRI Geographic Information System.

The initial agreement is for one year but has the option to renew annually. According to the City, the hardware cost will be $375 per vehicle with an ongoing maintenance cost of $33 per month. City employees will access RSI’s platform via a Web-based application.'

The City expects the system to be implemented by June 1, 2012.