SANTA ANA, CA – The City of Santa Ana, Calif., has selected Orange County Auto Parts (OCAP) as the City’s sole-source consignment supplier of automotive and truck parts for all maintenance work performed on City fleet vehicles. OCAP will be working closely with the Finance Department's Facilities-Fleet Management-Central Stores Division (FMCS) to implement the new program.

This unprecedented move is part of the City’s strategy to close a $30 million budget deficit. By using a sole-source contract, the City will be able to streamline the parts ordering process since it would deal with only one instead of multiple vendors. The City expects to significantly reduce FMCS, Purchasing, and Accounts Payable labor costs. The City will also minimize inventory carrying costs since stock is provided on a consignment basis and it pays only for what is consumed.

Under the OCAP contract, Santa Ana’s FMCS will have full access to more than 400,000 automotive and truck parts under the NAPA catalogue.