Photo courtesy City of Tyler.

Photo courtesy City of Tyler.

TYLER, TEXAS – The City of Tyler, Texas, has opened a new compressed natural gas fueling station, which it said will fuel 19 of the City’s fleet vehicles by June, 2012, out of a total of 600. According to the municipality, the effort to convert part of the City’s fleet vehicles to CNG was a direct result of the City’s “Industry Growth Initiative,” (IGI) adopted in 2010.

The IGI is a 20-year plan that identifies opportunities the City can take to strengthen its economy and secure jobs for its citizens. One of the key building blocks relates to the oil and gas industry, which is an employer in the region.

“For generations, the Oil & Gas sector has been a mainstay in the Tyler economy; it has provided us with jobs and stability when other areas of the country have struggled in tough economic times,” said Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass. “However, this legacy industry still has so much more in store for us.  With the development of horizontal drilling and the discovery of the Haynesville Shale, the Oil & Gas sector will play an important role in Tyler’s economic future.”

According to the City, a significant portion of the costs involved in converting the fleet, and building the fueling station, was covered by grants and community donations from businesses (the City named EOG Resources and Tanos).