NEWBERRY, SC - The City of Newberry, S.C, is installing an in-vehicle mobile communications system to improve organization's ability to communicate on the move. The City has installed In Motion Technology's onBoard system in six city vehicles as part of a city-wide Voice over IP (VoIP) system, according to In Motion Technology.

The fleet garage has installed the technology in six vehicles so far, with more planned, and will maintain them, according to the company.

The City of Newberry operates a wireless mesh network and VoIP system to support the Police and Fire, Public Works, Utility, Parks, Recreation & Tourism Departments. City leaders wanted to enable City workers to have an office in their vehicles. Before deploying the onBoard System, workers had to be near an access point or return to the office to download information and complete reports. Without access to multiple networks and fast switching, VoIP could not have been extended to mobile workers.

The onBoard System mobile communications system which creates a Vehicle Area Network, designed to support broadband applications in a mobile environment. The system enables real-time and bulk data transfers, and transports data for video, voice, vehicle location, mobile office, and vehicle health monitoring, according to the company.

Source: In Motion Technology