GEORGETOWN, TEXAS – Williamson County opened a new propane fueling station in Round Rock, Texas, as part of its efforts to reduce emissions and fuel spend. According to the County, it pursued and received grants to fund conversion of County vehicles into propane-fueled versions and to install propane fueling sites throughout the County.

The County currently operates 24 propane-fueled vehicles and will have approximately 31 when it completes all the conversions.  In addition to the Round Rock fueling station, stations are located in Georgetown, Cedar Park, Florence, Taylor, and Granger.

The County stated that the cost benefits are significant, as during the last 12 months of 2011, the average price of gasoline to Williamson County was $3.15 per gallon but the average price of propane during the same period was $1.82. In addition, the County will be eligible for a $0.50 cent per gallon federal tax credit upon completion of all fueling stations, making the cost of propane $1.36 per gallon.