PFLUGERVILLE, TX – The City of Pflugerville’s Police Department is switching to Chevrolet Tahoes as its new patrol vehicle. 

"After testing the Chevrolet Tahoe, the department was sold," Police Chief Chuck Hooker said. "We had the opportunity to purchase a Chevy Tahoe for the PISD PD last year which allowed us to evaluate its performance and capabilities. We were surprised by the fuel efficiency, handling capabilities and overall performance. The Tahoe sits higher than our current vehicles improving vision, has greater interior space for all our required technology, is a bit more comfortable for the officer and provides additional storage space for equipment."

The new Tahoes will be used by Community Services, Administration, Street Response Team, and Patrol. In addition, the Criminal Investigations Division and Narcotics Division are adding two new Ford Escapes and a Chevrolet pickup truck to their divisions.

The Police Department vehicles are end-of-year purchases funded through the city's general fund and funded through the 2012 budget.

In 2011, the department added six patrol units, one detective unit, and two motorcycles. In the 2012 budget, the department has five patrol units, one detective unit, and one animal control truck.