OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Oklahoma City, Okla. has a new fast-fill CNG station at its fleet maintenance facility. According to the City, its 89 CNG-fueled vehicles can fuel up in as little as seven minutes using this station. Before the station’s installation, the slow filling rate of CNG was a barrier to the City’s expansion of the number of CNG vehicles it’s using.

“This allows the City to purchase more CNG vehicles, which increases our efficiency by reducing our fuel costs,” said Jennifer Gooden, Sustainability Director. “Federal funds from an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant were invested in infrastructure to reduce the City’s costs in the future.”

The City stated the fast fill station paves the way for it to purchase heavy equipment, such as CNG-fueled dump trucks and METRO Transit buses.

Funding for the $1.28 million fueling station came from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.