CAPE CORAL, FL – The City of Cape Coral’s city council has voted to waive the bid process to purchase fleet and fuel management software in order to get the systems up and running more quickly. After facing an inquiry into how the City tracked fuel purchases earlier in the year, the City has worked to find ways to improve its processes.

City documents state that Cape Coral worked with Lee County, Fla.’s fleet management in order to implement best practices, and during that process reviewed a number of software systems.

One of the recommendations that came out of that process, according to City documents, was the decision to purchase fleet and fuel management software.

The waiver approves the purchase of the FASTER fleet management system for $148,700 and $132,578 for upgrades to the City’s fuel management software, which is from SCI Distribution Inc. Those amounts include software licensing fees of $131,550 and annual support costs of $17,150 for the FASTER software and $132,577 for the cost of upgrading for SCI’s system plus $49,909 in recurring costs.

By Greg Basich