WEAVERVILLE, NC - CST Fleet Services announced a service whereby the CST analysts will use your fleet data to generate a trend of fleet emissions and carbon footprint reductions as well as forecast the trend into the future. In this way, the fleet management or governmental leaders can set goals for greenhouse gas reduction and monitor the results and progress.

The vehicle fleet industry has over the years become increasingly aware of the impact emissions have on the quality air which we breathe. This fleet metric - carbon footprint - is measurable. Trends for this metric can be produced. These trends, then assist the fleet managers in monitoring the fleet's progress in reducing emissions and setting goals for the future.

As an industry, fleet managers are constantly challenged to lower the emissions from their vehicle assets. Through a combination of fleet right sizing, implementing life-cycle analysis, and introductions of alternative fuels, emissions for fleets are dropping. However, there is very little awareness of the reduction percentages and emphasis on goal setting associated with the greenhouse emission reductions.

This service from CST is available for fleets based upon: historical fuel consumption, vehicle types/classes or vehicle VINs. CST can look at historical data and help you to set trends.

The service is available on a one-time trend analysis basis, or CST is available to update the data semi-annually. For more information, visit www.cstfleetservices.com.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet