The Idaho State University will be using Agile FleetCommander to manage its motor pool and assigned vehicles.

The Idaho State University will be using Agile FleetCommander to manage its motor pool and assigned vehicles.

POCATELLO, IDAHO - The fleet staff at Idaho State University (ISU) selected the Web-based fleet and motor pool software Agile FleetCommander to overhaul the management of its nearly 50 motor pool vehicles and 10 assigned vehicles. The fleet was dealing with outdated legacy systems and tedious manual processes, according to Agile Access Control, Inc., creator of FleetCommander.

According to ISU fleet staff, FleetCommander was selected in large part because it will be able to integrate with the fleet maintenance software already in place at the University. "We are happy to replace our 20-year-old in-house system with FleetCommander and still be able to use the Dossier maintenance system that is working for us," ISU Fleet Manager Terry French said. The system will also integrate with ISU's current accounting system.

Access to billing data on demand was another reason ISU chose FleetCommander. Currently, Fleet can only generate billing once a month, but many user departments need billing information immediately after a trip, French said. The new system will allow users to get immediate access to their vehicle use charges. French also said using the system will help his staff eliminate many manual steps in the current reservation process.

Agile will also assist the University's transition to FleetCommander by importing user, department, and asset data from legacy systems; developing a custom billing and export process to automate accounting processes; providing hands-on training for staff; and offering assistance and advice on configuring the system to meet the University's unique needs, according to Agile.

Other college and university fleets using FleetCommander include Cornell University, Villanova University, Western Wyoming Community College, University of Alberta, Cedarville University, Eastern Illinois University, University of Cumberlands, University of Minnesota, Alcorn State University, Southern Illinois University, Walla Walla Community College, and Ball State University.