BRITISH COLUMBIA – British Columbia Ambulance Service (BCAS), Canada’s largest medical services provider, has selected Chevin’s FleetWave fleet-management solution for its 575-unit fleet of ambulances, according to a news release from Chevin. BCAS’ transport services include Advanced Life Support transport through pediatric, neo-natal, and high-risk patients. 

“We found that BCAS personnel were no longer being adequately supported by the existing fleet management system and we weren’t able to systematically identify ways to optimize our service,” said Sonia Salkeld, Director of IMB Client Services for BCAS.

BCAS serves approximately 4.3 million people in British Columbia across of six regions. Its vehicles are dispersed across 186 ambulance stations and maintained by more than 85 service centers.

FleetWave pulls together information from across BCAS’ regions, districts, and stations into a centralized hub. The hub allows users to track and manage maintenance and purchase authorization details, accident and claim management details, inventory and stocking levels, paramedic and driver assignments, acquisition and lease details, provincial taxes, and accounts payable details.

Chevin stated it tailored the fleet management solution to automatically alert BCAS field personnel when a vehicle is due for maintenance and to allow a user then select a technician from a database of 350 certified maintenance vendors across the province.