SCOTTSDALE, AZ - GPS Insight, a leading provider of GPS tracking solutions for co-op, municipal and commercial fleets, has partnered with Partner Software, Inc. By integrating GPS Insight's tracking technology into Partner Software's Map Viewer, utility cooperatives can better track their resources and service teams, giving them the ability to deploy resources in the most efficient and effective means possible.

Buckeye Rural Electric Cooperative in Rio Grande, Ohio, uses GPS Insight in conjunction with Partner Software. Jeffrey Tackett, vice president of engineering and operations for Buckeye, had this to say:

"We integrate our vehicle data from GPS Insight with our Outage Reporting system, Command Center for metering, and Work Order system. When we click on a truck number, it zooms to its location on our Partner map. We instantly know the line and pole (which we go by more than address) and the address where the truck is located. A picture of the truck on the map tells us the type of truck, as well. During a storm, this is a huge time saver for Dispatch.

"Having all of these tools on the same familiar screen makes it easy for our employees to know where on our system the linemen are working. Having truck locations on our system maps allows everyone here to view the same map used by all of our software programs.

"In addition to the Partner interface, GPS Insight provides a wide range of historical Reports and real-time Alerts. Overall, it's a powerful fleet management system which helps ensure the safety and efficiency of our crews. People from other utilities are quite impressed when they see how easy it is to access this information from any computer on our LAN."

Joe Vidmar, senior account manager for GPS Insight, said the company's tracking technology enhances the efficiency of cooperative crews by providing real-time workforce visibility. "By integrating GPS location-based data with detailed Partner Software maps, our utility customers realize benefits including increased safety, shorter response times, and work order scheduling and tracking," Vidmar said.