TORRANCE, CA - At the 2011 Government Fleet Expo and Conference in San Diego, Calif. this year, one of the sessions involved fleet managers gathering into groups to solve specific challenges and then present that challenge to everyone attending the session. Each table’s group nominated someone to present their solution. The Government Fleet magazine staff took a number of individuals nominated to present solutions aside after the session and recorded them on video.

In the our second series of videos, shown below, you can see fleet managers’ solutions to a number of challenges that today’s public sector fleet manager faces.

In case you missed the first series, you can see it here.

In our first video in Part Two, Doug Bond, transportation services manager for the Alameda County, Calif., discusses ways to manage an aging fleet. 

In our second video, Wayne Corum, equipment services director for the City of Forth Worth, discusses ways to maintain staff morale.

In our third video in Part Two, Richard Battersby, director of fleet services for the University of California, Davis, discusses best practices in green fleet initiatives. 

Next week we'll show the last few videos in this series, so stay tuned.