BOULDER, CO - The University of Colorado Boulder (UC Boulder) successfully implemented AssetWorks KeyValet to expand service to its customers while reducing administrative costs by 60 percent, according to a case study released by AssetWorks.

UC Boulder wanted a system that could help it expand its motor pool services beyond standard working hours using a secure method that would integrate fully with its existing fleet management software application -- FleetFocus. KeyValet automated motor pool solution was selected because it met all of the University's technical requirements and integrated seamlessly with FleetFocus. The University's motor pool consists of 47 vehicles, according to the case study.

"By adding KeyValet automated motor pool boxes to our motor pool, we are able to make the service available 24/7/365 and get improved fleet data with less administrative costs. This has been a win-win for the fleet department, as well as for the customers of the motor pool," said Bryan Flansburg, CAFM, director of transportation, UC Boulder. "Additionally, because of the integration with FleetFocus, we can address the situations that may arise with motor pool vehicles in real-time using our existing software."

Since implementation in summer 2010, UC Boulder has documented the following results:

  • 60 percent reduction in administrative staffing, expected to result in an ROI in less than two years
  • 5 percent increase in motor pool reservations, with much of the usage taking place during non-business hours:
    • 38 percent of vehicles dispatched during off-hours
    • 53 percent of vehicles returned during off-hours
  • Savings in administrative costs passed on to the customers in the form of a rental rate reduction of 5 percent that began as soon as the system was implemented

Flansburg was awarded NAFA's 2011 Larry Goill Memorial Quality Fleet Management Idea Award for his innovative use of the automated motor pool solution.

AssetWorks is a provider of fleet management software and automated motor pool solutions.

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