SAN DIEGO - Bob Stanton, CPM, CPFP, director of fleet management for Hillsborough County, Fla., gave a presentation on 10 "game-changing" initiatives fleets can take to improve their credibility, fuel conservation efforts, shop productivity, cost control, and sustainability at GFX 2011 on June 7. These initiatives are:

  1. Modifying driver behavior to save on fuel costs.
  2. Using GPS and telematics to improve fuel efficiency and driver productivity.
  3. Comparing fleet costs with outside commercial outlets to validate the cost efficiency of performing preventive maintenance in-house.
  4. Identifying underutilized vehicles to reduce fleet size.
  5. Using an online technician training tool such as CDX.
  6. Making the shop a small or zero quantity greenhouse gas generator.
  7. Insourcing initiatives such as selling fuel, insourcing repair, and leasing vehicles).
  8. Selling surplus items on Craigslist.
  9. Implementing incentives-based performance initiatives.
  10. Preparing a technician recruiting DVD.