NEW YORK CITY – New York City released this month its updated plaNYC agenda for building a greener City by 2030. First implemented four years ago, this update builds upon the progress and lessons of the past four years, according to the City. The updated plan has 132 initiatives and more than 400 specific milestones for Dec. 31, 2013, heading toward its ultimate goals in 2030. These goals include fleet reduction and greening initiatives.

The plan calls for a reduction in the City fleet (light-, medium-, and heavy-duty) by 5 percent through carsharing and reduction of use of City vehicles for commuting. The City owns and operates more than 26,000 vehicles and equipment.

Currently, more than a quarter of the total fleet runs on hybrid engines or alternative fuels. The City will implement a Clean Fleet Transition plan to convert more of the fleet to alt-fuel or hybrid vehicles. Chevrolet Volts will be added to the fleet. In addition, the City will install more than 60 electric vehicle charging units at City-owned facilities and garages to prepare for the expansion of its plug-in fleet, the plan states.

In addition, the City is expanding biodiesel use. The Department of Parks and Recreation, which uses B-20 biodiesel in all its diesel units, is now piloting B-50 blends. Other agencies using B-5 will switch to B-20 during the summer, according to the plan.

New York City will also work with private fleets to retrofit their vehicles or switch to alternative-fuel vehicles.

The City also plans to consolidate the land and built space it owns. As many of these sites are devoted to the storage and repair of the City’s vehicles, the plan proposes to transform the conventional fleet storage lots into automated vertically stacked facilities.

To find out more about the updated plaNYC, click here.

By Thi Dao