CLEARWATER, FL – The Pinellas County board of commissioners has approved a memorandum of understanding where the county and Sheriff’s department have agreed to maintain each other’s vehicles.

In years past, outside reports found that both organizations operate efficiently and provide high levels of service, county document's stated, and due to each organization’s expertise in specific areas, there is an opportunity for greater collaboration to reduce costs.

The Sheriff’s department will focus on repairing and maintaining the county’s sedans and other cars, and the county will focus on repairing and maintaining the Sheriff’s department’s heavy-duty diesel vehicles. The agreement will remain in effect for three years.

Previously, the Sheriff’s department paid outside companies $90 per hour for maintenance work, and by working with the county’s fleet maintenance department, the Sheriff’s department will be able to reduce this cost to $34 per hour. In addition parts will be less expensive, according to the county, as prices will move from retail levels to a cost with no mark-up.

Other terms of the agreement include information sharing, coordinating scheduled repairs and maintenance, and providing loaner vehicles when feasible.
By Greg Basich