TYLER, TEXAS – Tyler’s City council unanimously approved the purchase of a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station and two residential solid waste trucks that use this fuel.

The City stated that these purchases are the first phase of a pilot project that will move part of Tyler’s fleet from unleaded and diesel fuel to CNG. If this project is successful, each year the City plans to add additional vehicles and equipment that operate on CNG under the regularly budgeted vehicle replacement plan.

“This pilot program to start moving the City’s fleet to alternative fuel is just another example of how the City is utilizing innovative and environmentally friendly ways to save money,” said Mayor Barbara Bass. “CNG vehicles have a history being environmentally friendly by utilizing cleaner fuel as well as showing less wear on vehicle engines, creating longer vehicle lifespans.”

The initial cost of CNG fuel shows a consistent yearly cost of $2.00 per gallon versus what the City is currently paying, which has recently been as much as $3.26 per gallon for unleaded and $3.44 per gallon for diesel fuel. At the conclusion of the pilot program, the City will be able to obtain an additional 50 cent credit on CNG fuel from the federal government, reducing the cost from $2.00 to $1.50 per gallon.