PORTLAND, OR – Multnomah County is considering a proposal to outsource parts maintenance in its fleet services department, which would potentially affect 12 employees. The county engaged the Coraggio Group, a consulting firm, to find potential savings in county-wide operations and the firm analyzed fleet services as an area for potential savings. The firm also recommended downsizing the fleet, and using an external lease provider, but the county decided not to move forward on those recommendations.

“After years of budget cuts at Multnomah County, our elected leaders must again make difficult choices in order to retain as many services as possible for vulnerable individuals in our community,” a County representative stated in a response to Government Fleet’s inquiry.

When contacted, the county said the recommendations precede the county’s annual budget process. The County Chair, Jeff Cogen, will decide whether to include the recommendation to outsource parts maintenance in his Executive Budget proposal, which the County said will be released in May. If the proposal is included, the five-member Board of County Commissioners will deliberate on it and make amendments to form the county’s Adopted Budget, which the commissioners will approve in June and will take effect July 1, 2011.

The Multnomah County fleet consists of approximately 600 vehicles, which includes sedans, trucks and vans, and law enforcement patrol vehicles.

By Greg Basich


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