CHICAGO - Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel wants to reduce the City fleet, purchase more fuel-efficient cars, and perform a detailed inventory of all City vehicles. He told reporters on Jan 11. he hopes to save $5 million in fleet expenses during his first year if he is elected, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

In his plan for consolidating and greening Chicago's fleet, Emanuel promises to have a full fleet inventory available publicly within 120 days of taking office.

He plans on doubling the rate of conversion to alt-fuel vehicles to 20 percent for 2011.

He promises to reduce work-related vehicle miles traveled by 10 percent and switch 10 percent of work-related trips by City employees to alternative transportation, including car sharing, bicycling, and transit. Implementing routing efficiency in Chicago's garbage services will reduce vehicle miles traveled, according to the plan. The plan also calls for training of all City fleet drivers on energy-efficient driving techniques within 12 months.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Emanuel envisions City fleet management to be more like a Zipcar service.

Emanuel also calls for a review of all stimulus energy dollars and ensure its effective use.

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