SAN DIEGO - The San Diego City Council approved Dec. 7 its first managed competition process for publishing services, with fleet management soon to follow. Voters approved the initiative for managed competition in 2006, and Mayor Jerry Sanders announced in September that publishing services and fleet maintenance would be the first two City services to be put out to bid.

Under the process, City employees can compete against the private sector by submitting their own bids for the work.

"The City of San Diego Fleet Services Division welcomes this opportunity to demonstrate its ability to be the City's provider for fleet services. With the team of professionals we have in place, we know we will not only be the winners of  this managed competition, but will demonstrate our place as a leader in national public fleet service," said John Alley, CAFM, deputy director - Fleet Services Division of the General Services Dept. for the City of San Diego. "We know that with our labor partners and customer departments, we will have the winning bid for the City's Fleet Services. We look forward to demonstrating that the City has entrusted Fleet Services as one to set the high standards expected in public trust."

The fleet maintenance function is scheduled to go to council committee next month in preparation for managed competition, according to the mayor's office.

The City's fleet-maintenance division has an operating budget of $33.7 million, with 244 full-time employees. Workers maintain and repair the City's fleet of 4,200 vehicles.