ST. LOUIS - A St. Louis jury has ordered the City to pay $3 million to a woman who claimed that a municipal truck caused her to crash her car on June 19, 2008, according to The Post-Dispatch.

The woman said the truck made a right on a red light in front of her and kept going as she swerved to avoid a collision. Her lawyers said her car struck parked vehicles, flipped, and partially ejected her, causing head injuries, a severed ear, multiple back compressions, and broken ribs. She returned to her job but has not worked since March 2009 due to reduced motivation and ability to concentrate.

The City will appeal the verdict, as no specific city vehicle, department, or employee was ever identified as being involved in the collision.

The jury returned its verdict after a three-day trial. The prosecution had asked the jury to award $1.8 million to cover medical bills and living assistance provided by the woman's sister and mother, according to the news source.