PHILIPSBURG, PA - DiamondBack Truck Covers announced that the company has been awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) contract to offer its line of utility-oriented truck bed covers to pick-up truck drivers across all U.S. government agencies.

The GSA contract means that DiamondBack covers are now available to any Federal purchaser via

DiamondBack offers five locking truck bed covers through the GSA, all made of 3003 alloy diamond plate aluminum and optionally coated in black LINE-X XTRA: the DiamondBack HD, featuring a haul-on-top capability of up to 1600 lbs., and thus the possibility to transport ATVs; the DiamondBack SE, with a load rating of 400 lbs.; the DiamondBack LT, a budget version of the SE; the DiamondBack 180, a cover with two full-length doors opening toward the sides of the truck for superior bed access; and the DiamondBack 270, a cover combining a pair of gull-wing doors up front with a large, removable door in the rear.

"DiamondBack has for years worked with some of the largest commercial fleets in the country.  We're very glad to now be able to offer our unique truck bed covers to federal agencies in a way that's easy and price-advantageous for them," said Ethan Wendle, president of DiamondBack.

DiamondBack covers start at $704 for GSA buyers.  For more information about DiamondBack covers and related accessories, visit

About DiamondBack Truck Covers
DiamondBack Truck Covers manufactures a full line of versatile, utility-oriented truck bed covers and accessories for pick-up trucks by Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota and Nissan. To learn more, visit, call (800) 935-4002, or send an email to