ROME - The World Food Programme (WFP), a UN organization, is extending its long-term relationship with Chevin Fleet Solutions by implementing its web-based enterprise fleet management information system across all of the 82 countries in which the WFP operates, according to a release issued by Chevin.

The global rollout of FleetWave will deliver improved visibility of the WFP's complex fleet requirements, streamline operations, and reduce cost all while allowing the humanitarian agency to better provide its vital services to those most in need, according to a release issued by Chevin.

FleetWave, the web-based application designed by the global asset management consultancy and software developer Chevin Fleet Solutions, was rolled out across Uganda during July 2010 and will be deployed internationally across the whole organization by the end of the year.

Traditionally, the WFP has relied upon paper-based fleet management practices, with countries such as Sudan and Afghanistan supported using Chevin's networked fleet management application, RoadBASE designed for smaller and often less complex fleets.

After meeting with the WFP in Rome during November 2009, Chevin Fleet Solutions immediately began configuring FleetWave to meet the WFP's specific requirements, accomplishing rapid implementation. With the addition of a highly comprehensive Trip Management module, FleetWave will allow the fleet logistics teams in each country's office to input vehicle routing, journey duration, and fuel consumption data.  With the additional configuration and deployment of a Way Bill module, WFP's fleet and logistics managers will have access to a complete audit trail of when and where aid deliveries have been successfully dropped off, providing a full chain of custody records for all donations and deliveries.

Jean Francois Milhaud, ODTL/FSU/Fleet Manager at the WFP headquarters in Rome, said, "I am delighted to be extending our relationship with Chevin. They have adapted the FleetWave system to our specific needs, allowing us to utilize each fleet to its full potential, making the organization as a whole more efficient and helping us to reduce cost while achieving our aim of providing food and other aid to those in need."

FleetWave will not only ensure consistent working practices on a global scale while improving communication channels to provide clearer visibility, but FleetWave will provide drivers, engineers and fleet managers with real-time access to data fleet and be operational from anywhere in the world via a web connection.

Chevin recently traveled to Uganda and Ghana in preparation for the launch, meeting with a cross section of representatives from some of the 82 countries supported by the WFP to perform comprehensive "train the trainer" training so that WFP staff will be able to effectively roll out FleetWave across the organization's international footprint. 

Following the initial implementation of FleetWave, the WFP and Chevin will meet once more to review, define, and deploy further enhancements to the WFP's system. Some of these enhancements will include rolling out French translation for use in the WFP's many French speaking countries, an offline version of FleetWave that can be used when Internet access is unavailable and then automatically replicated with the live system upon gaining a stable Internet connection, additional interfaces to telematics systems, as well as FleetWave's currency exchange rate module.

Chevin Fleet Solutions will also be providing second-line technical support to the WFP. 

About Chevin Fleet Solutions
Chevin Fleet Solutions was established in Derbyshire, England in 1990 with offices in the United States, Australia, and Ireland.  They have quickly grown into a leading global provider of enterprise fleet management information systems commercial, corporate, federal and municipal fleets. Bespoke software solutions from Chevin are used by more than 500 businesses in more than 30 countries around the world, effectively managing fleets ranging from 20 to more than 40,000 vehicles.

Chevin's two core products are FleetWave, the world's first web-based enterprise fleet management information system, and RoadBASE, the most flexible and adaptable windows-based management solution. With these solutions Chevin was recently shortlisted for "Fleet Supplier of the Year" at the 2010 Fleet News Awards, won the ITM Award for "Best Fleet Management Software", and was commended in the last two years by the Green Fleet Awards in the "IT Innovation" and "IT/Communications Product of the Year" categories. It was also commended in 2008 in Fleet World Magazine's "Technology Award" category.

Despite a strong market position and widespread industry recognition Chevin's progress continues unabated, with the Company recently achieving Microsoft Accredited Partner status. Gold standard accreditation is expected in the near future, which will confirm that the Company's two core fleet management software products are engineered to the highest possible specifications.