RALEIGH, NC - The Raleigh police department added nine 2009 BMW R1200RT-P police motorcycles to its motor fleet, at a cost of $180,000 for the next three years.

Officers are in training to learn how to safely maneuver the motorbikes in traffic, and Sgt. Mike Smith, who heads the Raleigh Police Department's motorcycle unit, says they could be on the streets by mid-August, according to WRAL.com.

The machines come with the latest radar and computer technology that will give officers all the information they need at the time of a traffic stop. They are already used by the State Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies around the state.

Smith says the model is a better ride than the Harley-Davidsons the force used prior to its lease expiring last year.

Once deployed, they will be used primarily for traffic-related enforcement, such as speeding, but will also be used for special events, funerals, and dignitary visits, according to WRAL.com.