IRVINE, CA - The Rio Hondo Regional Truck Academy, a facility offering courses designed for the professional firefighter to educate emergency responders from Southern California about life-saving techniques, recently received 26 Kia Borrego SUVs donated by Kia Motors America (KMA).

A two-day, eight-hour training course commenced June 16 designed for advanced auto extrication techniques, including three scenarios designed to provide students hands-on experience during real world vehicular accidents. Firefighters nationwide are able to participate in the course to learn about advances in vehicle technology, including airbag functions, and receive training using rescue tools to quickly remove passengers during an emergency situation.

"We know many government agencies are in need of support during these difficult times and providing Rio Hondo Regional Truck Academy with Kia vehicles equipped with the latest automotive technology for the education and safety of emergency responders is the ideal fit," said Michael Sprague, vice president, marketing, Kia Motors America. "The training offered by Rio Hondo is invaluable and providing vehicles as training tools further supports the Academy's efforts."

The purpose of the training will be to update Southern California firefighters on new and evolving extrication techniques to help keep them abreast of recent technological advances found in today's vehicles and to help maintain firefighter safety during rescue operations. During training, participants will have the opportunity to practice rescue techniques while the vehicles are placed in numerous positions common in real-world accidents and scenarios.

"Without this donation from Kia Motors we would not be able to do this training," said David Kang, Truck Academy Instructor for Rio Hondo Regional Truck Academy. "The use of these Kia SUVs will allow firefighters from all over Southern California to learn the latest in vehicle technologies and ultimately save lives."