ROCKLIN, CA - The City of Rocklin launched an internal investigation late last month after the city fleet manager was alledgedly seen at a casino during normal working hours, according to the Placer Herald.

Rocklin Fleet Division Manager Kevin Erlandson was accused of using work time when he was allegedly spotted gambling at the Thunder Valley Casino on several occasions by Diana Mattix, a former city employee and Rocklin citizen.

At an April 28 city council meeting, Mattix told the council she had witnessed, on two occasions, a former colleague and Erlandson allegedly gambling at the slots in the middle of the afternoon, reported the Herald. Mattix even took an alleged photo of him at the slot machine with her cell phone camera.

Erlandson told The Placer Herald he was on vacation while at the casino and worked in the office that morning. "Any time I am away from the office on personal business, my time card is duly noted as either vacation, sick time or holiday time," he told the Herald.

"I am actually very upset that she's invading my privacy on my own personal time and that she would make a comment that would potentially compromise my integrity," Erlandson said, reported the Herald.

The accusation draws attention to a city policy that allows full-time staff permission to set their own work schedules.

According to the policy obtained by the Herald, "accrued vacation, sick leave or management leave benefits should not be recorded for less than four hours," which allows for potential misuse of the policy guidelines.

Mayor Scott Yuill said he reviewed the findings from the investigation and concluded the city has no interest in changing the policy, the Herald reported.