FLINT, MI - Genesee County Road Commission has toughened its policy for reporting accidents in county vehicles one year after County Road Commission Manager-Director John Daly damaged his take-home car, according to The Flint Journal.

Daly damaged his county-owned, 2008 Chevrolet Impala in May 2009. He reported hitting a cinder block while driving behind a semi-tractor trailer, but waited until six days later to report the damage and never called police or submitted to a drug test, the Journal reported.

The new Road Commission policy requires employees to report any accident involving a county vehicle "as soon as possible" to a supervisor.

The policy also directs employees not to leave the scene of an accident unless authorized by his or her supervisor or being taken by proper authorities to the hospital for treatment.

According to the Journal, Road Commission Chairman James Pomeroy said he pushed for a new accident policy because past policies were too open to interpretation. He said future accidents will trigger an automatic drug test for the driver if the vehicle is towed, if there is any injury to anyone involved in the accident, or if the employee receives a citation for violation of local or state law.

The policy says employees involved in an accident must report it to an immediate supervisor or call police, the Journal reported.